Tilbury, Ontario, Canada

Tilbury has a proud history. First settled in 1872 when the Canada Southern Railway was built, a post office and general store opened and the tiny settlement became known as Henderson. The "Tilbury Times" newspaper was founded in 1884 and in 1887 the community became the village of Tilbury Centre.

In 1890 the Canadian Pacific Railway located a station here on its new branch from Woodstock to the Detroit River, which increased shipping facilities.

1910 was a memorable year! The village became the Town of Tilbury. It's strategic position in relation to the auto industry growth in Windsor and Detroit resulted in industries such as Canadian Top and Body Company and other auto related industry to settle here. Agriculture was also strong and by 1950 Tilbury boasted four grain elevators and two canneries.

January 1, 1998 marked the end of the Town of Tilbury as it was known. The now former town of Tilbury became a community within the new city of Chatham-Kent.

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