Ethan Louis Kendall Gallery

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ELK Ethan Louis Kendall tree
    Born: February 28, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Photo: March 16, 2000
KL Ethan and female relatives
    L-R: Aunt Lucia and Cousin Kendall Lloyd
    Grandma Susan and Mom Kathy Kendall
    Winchester, MA, March 15, 2000
MDL Ethan and Uncle Marshall
    Winchester, MA, March 15, 2000
Family The Happy family
    Clint and Kathy Kendall
    with their newborn son Ethan
    Winchester, MA, March 16, 2000
ELK Winter 2000-2001
    Winchester, MA
Family Clint's Birthday
    Back: Mom, Susan Kendall
    Lucia, Kendall, Kathy, Clint, and Ethan
    Winchester, MA, Jan. 17, 2001
KAL Feeding Ethan Cheerios
    Mom, Susan Kendall
    with Kendall and Ethan
    Winchester, MA, abt. Jan. 18, 2001