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Family Photo Albums:
"OLINDUS F KENDALL" Born, Monroe, Ohio; February 13 1844
Manufaturer of L. C. Chase &er; Co. in 
Men of Massachusetts: A Collection of Portraits of Representative 
Men in Business and Professional Life in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
By Boston Press Club
Published by The Club, 1903
Original from Harvard University P281

Massachusetts Board of Education 1863 Adult Evening School. This school during the last winter was under the charge of Henry A. Hubbard, principal, and Robert Parsons, assistant, the former having the supervision of the whole school and teaching the male department, and the latter teaching the female department. It was held in one of the basement rooms in the City Hall building, as in the previous year. It commenced December 12, 1860, and closed March 22, 1861, after a term of fifteen weeks. The report of the principal contains the following statement : "The whole number of scholars in attendance has been 92. The average attendance has been about 62. The larger proportion of pupils have been males, and, with very few exceptions, the school has been composed entirely of foreigners. A large majority of the scholars have manifested a desire to learn, and have made creditable progress. The general order, appearance and advancement of the school have been as fair as could be expected from a promiscuously attended evening school. Not a few scholars might be mentioned who have done themselves much credit. One of them, Olindus Kendall, 18 or 19 years old, is deserving of particular notice, as having set the school a fine example of punctuality, studiousness and good behavior. Five or six of the male department, and about as many of the female department, have been very regular and punctual, having attended almost constantly."