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Close the picture window before continuing.    submitted: by Dora Lloyd Matzen
Goderich Family Portrait: Goderich, Ontario (c. 1910)
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   submitted: by Dora Lloyd Matzen
Santa Ana Santa Ana, California in March, 1945
   tp: Jack, Gladys Foertner, Cyrus, Grace Brodie
   bt: Dora Matzen, Alfred, Eleanor De Lue
   submitted: by Dora Lloyd Matzen
Alf, Jack, Jim, and Cy Santa Ana, California in March, 1945
   L-R in white: Alf, Jack, and Cyrus Lloyd
   dark shirt: Jim Brodie, Grace L. Brodie's husband
   submitted: by Bruce and Jonni Lloyd
Shorb/Lloyd Family Paul E. and Joan "Teena" (Lloyd) Shorb Family
   November 1997
   submitted: by Teena Shorb    

Marshall Davies Lloyd