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Passport Parents (1966)
   Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
   Angela Davies (Pardington) Lloyd
   Passport photos 1966
baby bro Baby Brother (May 14)
   L-R: John (6 days), Marshall (2),
    and Bruce (5)
   Peakland Pl, Lynchburg, VA
July 4 Family Photo (July 4)
   L-R: Bruce, John (8 weeks), and Marshall
    with Mama (Angela P. Lloyd)
   Peakland Pl, Lynchburg, VA
9 Weeks Family Photo (July 10)
   L-R: Bruce, John (9 weeks), and Marshall
    with Papa (Robert B. Lloyd, Sr.)
   Peakland Pl, Lynchburg, VA
baby John
   Baby Pictures
   8-9 Months?
   Lynchburg, VA
Winston-Salem, NC
   Doris C. Pardington, Robert & Angela Lloyd
   Bruce, Marshall, and John (15 months)
RMWC Big Men On Campus (Easter) detail
   L-R: John (23 Months), Bruce, and Marshall
   Randolph-Macon Woman's College
   Lynchburg, VA
1st Grade John
   First Grade (Age 8)
   Lynchburg, VA
Janiculum Janiculum Hill
   L: Marshall Davies Lloyd (age 11)
   R: John (age 9)
   Rome, Italy
3rd Grade John
   Third Grade (Age 10)
   Lynchburg, VA
11th Grade John
   Eleventh Grade (Age 16)
   Lynchburg, VA
12th Grade John
   Twelfth Grade (Age 17)
   Lynchburg, VA
family Marshall's Wedding
   L-R: John, Lana, Celia, Aunt June, Lucia
   Back: Marshall, Papa, Lisa & Rob
   6/29/96 Pittsburgh, PA
John Kendall's Baptism Luncheon
   L: John
   R: Robert Bruce Lloyd Sr.
   Aug. 8, 1999
Siblings Kendall's Baptism Luncheon
   T: Marshall, John, and Celia
   B: Robert Bruce Lloyd Sr. and Jr.
   Aug. 8, 1999
Dinner 1 Thanksgiving Dinner
   November 25, 1999
   9 Riverview Pl.
   Lynchburg, VA
horse Angela on Horseback
   c. April 24, 2000
   Northern Virginia
Funeral Lunch at Lucia's
   Uncle Bill's Funeral
   May 20, 2000
   Warren, OH
BKFST Breakfast (May 25, 2000)
   Papa, John, Rachael
   Ruth, and Barbara
   Warren, OH

Marshall Davies Lloyd