Divorce records, 1881-1968 Menominee County (Michigan). FHL US/CAN Film #1017374. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1977. PP 23-24. Microfilm of original volume A at the Menominee County Courthouse, Menominee, Michigan.

Each in
Date of Marriage Place of Marriage Number
of Children
in Family
or Wife
Was the
case contested
or not?
Whether Granded, Refused, Withdrawn
or Otherwised Diposed of, or
Pending at end of year
Wether Divorce was
or Conditions, if any.
[p. 23]
Marshall B Lloyd
Margaret Isadore Lloyd
-- Mar 18 1899 Minneapolis, Minn. no H. Nov 7 1919 April 27 1920 ---- no Granted absolute
[p. 24]
Elizabeth Jackman Lloyd
Franklyn Croskill Lloyd
-- June 9 1915 Menominee, Mich one W. Aug 6 1920 Jany 29 1921 desertion no Granted absolute

mdl note: Margaret Isadora Reddington, daughter of John Wesley and Mary Catherine (Scott) Reddington, m. 18 Mar 1899 in Minneapolis, MN Marshall Burns Lloyd. She was born 12 May 1875 in Iowa and died 27 Mar 1945 Los Angeles Co., CA as Margaret Isadora BROWN.

Minneapolis, MN. City Directory for 1898. FHL US/CAN Film 1000675

1856/57 Saint Paul city directory... by Goodrich & Somers (4 fiches) FHL US/CAN Fiche 6044464

1899 R. L. Polk & Co.'s St. Paul city directory... by R. L. Polk & Co. FHL US/CAN Film 1377525

Minnesota, Soundex: L233 Albert thru L320 Bettie (Soundex L-300)FHL US/CAN Census Area 1245268

MN Historical Society (MHS)

MN Historical Society Death Certificate Index (1908-1996): (MHS-DCI)

Minnesota State Archives (MSA)

Spies Public Library, Menominee, MI (MPC)

TIME PERIOD:  1934. 193-
VIEW:  Portrait
PERSONAL  NAMES:  Dalrymple, Clyde B.
PLACE:  Mpls, MN
NOTES:  He has just been appointed sales manager of Lloyd Manufacturing Company of Menomonie, Wisconsin.
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Miller Studios
SOURCE:  Minneapolis Times 9/22/34
COLLECTION:  Minneapolis

CLYDE B DALRYMPLE 25 Feb 1909 19 Oct 1991 Frewsburg, Chautauqua, NY NY (Before 1951 ) 108-05-7381

CLYDE DALRYMPLE 25 Nov 1890 Aug 1984 Mount Pleasant, Isabella, MI MI (Before 1951 ) 371-09-8748

film 1017373

p 283 #175
Date of Licence Full Name of
& Bride, &
Maiden name
of Bride if
a Widow
of Each
of Each
of Each
Name of Father
of Each
Name of Mother
of Each
Date of Marriage Place
Name and
of Person
by Whom Married
Mo Dy Yr Mo Dy Yr Names Places
Jun 9 1915 Franklin C.
26 W Menominee
Canada Manu-
M. B. Lloyd Emma
no Jun 9 1915 Meno-

R. D.
of the
Gust Anderson Menominee
Elizabeth E.
22 W Menominee
none L. Jackman Mary Evans no Alvina Lurine Carbondale
Menominee Twp., MI


Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol 9, No. 145
Ironwood, MI
Tuesday Evening, 8 May 1928
P1:C4; P8:C3

Divorced Wife of Late In-
  ventor Asks for $1,-

  Menominee, Mich., May 8--(AP)--Charges that Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd was guilty of misconduct were expunged from the records of the trial of her suit for a widow's share in the $2,000,000 estate of Marshall Burns Lloyd to-day as the arguments were started befor Circuit Judge Frank B. Bell.

  The court ordered the charges expunged from the answer filed by the 18 defendants in the Los Angeles woman's suit for a million dollars of the wealth of the Menominee Inventor, manufacturer and philanthropist who obained a divorce that Mrs. Lloyd charges is void.

  Her attorneys successfully contended that no testimony had been introduced by the defense to sustantiate the charge that Mrs. Lloyd's conduct with other men in Menominee resulted in her leaving home voluntarily.

  Trial of the suit which opened Monday reached the argumentative stage this morning with the prospect that it would be concluded tonight as Judge Bell has another trial scheduled Wednesday.  He indicated a night session might be held.

  In opening the argument for Mrs. Lloyd who was divorced in 1920 on a charge of desertion, and forgotten in the will of her millionaire former husband, Michael J. Doyle, 74 year old white haired dean of the Menominee county bar, attacked the validity of the divorce.

   Died Married Man.

  Mr. Doyle, who rose from a sick bed to participate in the legal fight charged that Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, whom the millionaire marred in 1922 after a brief courtship, could never claim she was his wife.  Mrs. Lloyd, the third is one of the defendants in the suit.

  "Mr. Lloyd died a married man, the husband of Margaret Isadora Lloyd,"  Mr. Doyle argued.

  He dwelt at length upon the divorce decree, the legality of which is the crux of the 53 year old woman's fight for a share in the estate of the man to whom she was wife and helpmate for 18 years.

  The attorney contended the court had no jurisdiction in the divorce suit, and that the decree was void on its face.  Mr. Doyle said the order for Mrs. Lloyd's appearance showed no date for her to appear in court, and the records of the court did not show at the time to a certainty that Mrs. Lloyd had been served.  The order of publication was invalid, he said because it was made out on Nov. 5, 1920, two days before the case was started.

    Charges Not Founded.

  "Certainly I have not seen a case that appealed more to the foundations of law and justice than this one Margaret Lloyd has been branded as an immoral woman by the answer to her complaint buth there has been no testimony to substantiate it.  When you reach the point of putting these two ladies on the scales, the contrast will not be unfavorable to Mrs. Margaret Lloyd.

   "Henrietta Lloyd is a good woman but she was no simple minded village girl and wise in the ways of the world.  Along comes a tottering old man wearing a wig, artificialities and heart disease and having what quite appealed to her--two or three million dollars.

  Margaret Lloyd was married 18 years and the testimony has shown what she had to edure.  Anyone who lived with Lloyd that long certainly is entitled to some consideration."

  Menominee, Mich. May 8--(AP)--The end was in sight today as the hearing of Margaret Isadora Lloyd's claim for a widow's share of the estate of her divorced husband, Marshall Burns Lloyd, went into its second day before Cirxuit Judge Frank Bell.

  The testimony of four witnesses and depositions of two others practically completed the case of both sides in the #1,000,000 suit of the Los Angeles woman who claims she was illegally divorced by the millionaire inventor, manufacturer and philanthropist.

  The defense was expected to rest this morning.  Arguments by the imposing array of cousel on both sides were expected to be concluded by late afternoon.  Judge Bell is not expected however to hand down his decision immediately.

  Two Wives Present.

  Monday's session saw the testimony of two of the three women who earned the affection of the 69 year old inventor during his lifetime, entered in the record.  Appearing in the role of a defendant, one of the 18 named in the suit, Mrs. Hernietta Pollen Lloyd, who became the third wife of Lloyd after a seven weeks courtship in 1922, was on the stand after the second wife had finished her story on which she bases her claim to a million dollars.

  Fashionably attired and offering a sharp contrast to the modest garb of Lloyd;s second wife, Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd nervously related the facts concerning her marriage in New York and told of a post nuptual agreement by which her share in her husband's estate was fixed.

  She was managing a gift shop in West Palm Beach when she met Mr. Lloyd and was married six or seven weeks later, she said.

  Lloyd told her he was divorced she testified.

  The defense contends the wo-
   (continued on page eight)
page 8, col 3
Divorced Wife Asks for One
(Continued from page one.)
man is topped from providing the divorce invalid by the statute of limitations, and also claims she received notice of the divorce having been granted.

  Former Maid Testifies.
  Mrs. Rose Halting, of Menominee, former maid in the Lloyd home, and Attorney John O'Hara, counsel for Mr. Lloyd in his divorce suit, were the other witnesses Monday.

  O'Hara took the stand to testify for the defense that the notice of commencement of the divorce proceedings was sent Mrs. Lloyd but he was not sure whether it was directed to Los Angeles or San Francisco.  He was hazy as to details and could not say whether she acknowledged service.  By mistake the paper read "state of Illinois" instead of Michigan, and the attorney asked the court at this time, to permit the error to be corrected.  Judge Bell too the matter under advisement.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Tues., 4 Mar 1930

Demand to Know Why Estate Has Dwindled to Less Than $350,000.
  Menominee, Mich., March 4.--(AP)--The heirs of Marshall Burns Lloyd, inventor and baby carriage manufacturer who died in 1927, were in court again today, this time demanding an explanation from Mrs. Henrietta Pollen Lloyd Merril [Merrill], Milwaukee, and the Detroit Trust company, as to why the estate has reputedly dwindled from $1,617,000 to less than $350,000.

  Mrs. Merril [Merrill], Lloyd's third wife, ob- (sic) obtained a widow's share of the estate after a sensational tril in 1928 when Margaret Isadora Lloyd, Los Angeles, his second wife, contested the will and maintained she had a legal right to the widow's share.

  Cyrus S. Lloyd, Los Angeles, brother of the manufacturer, yesterday charged that beneficiaries were not consulted in matters pertaining to the estate and said it was necessary to appeal to probate court for a hearing.

  Lloyd with other heirs, demanded a detailed accounting from Mrs. Merril [Merrill], co-executor, and the trust company, trustees of the estate.

  The fortune, according to statements filed in probate court here, started a toboggan when Margret [Margaret] Lloyd won $25,000 back alimony in 1928.  That case, the papers said cost the estate more than $95,000.  Trial expenses listed attorneys  [attorney's] fees of $35,000 for Isaac B. Kipson, Chicago; $18,700 for John J. O'Hara, Menominee; and $6,649 for G. Lester Field, Detroit.  In addition, the Detroit firm received $70,000, executor's fees when under Michigan laws they were entitled to but $17,000.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol. 11, No. 143
Wed. Evening, 7 May 1930

City of Menominee Makes Compromise Agreement With Heirs.
  Menominee, Mich., May 7.--(AP)--The city of Menominee today became a shareholder in the factory which is its principal industry through a compromise agreement with heirs to the estate of the late Marshall B. Lloyd, inventor and millionaire philanthropist.

  By the will of Lloyd, the city was to have received eventually the whole $1,617,000 estate, to be used for a free medical clinic.  But the "baby carriage king" ordered that this be delayed until all the 14 heirs had died and had the use of the interest.

  City Signs Agreement.

  Today, ending two years of legal disputes heirs and attorneys for this upper Michigan city signed an agreement which transfers 3,250 shares of preferred stock in the Heywood-Wakefield company, Boston, to Menomnee, Heywood-Wakefield purchased the plant shortly before Lloyd's death in 1925 [sic, actually 1927].  The heirs, most of them children of Cyrus Lloyd, Los Angeles, a brother, will be given 6,333 shares and $40,000 cash to be divided among them.

  Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, divorced second wife of the eccentric inventor, receives nothing.  Two years ago she sought unsuccessfully to break his will, on the plea she had helped him rise from a poor worker in Minneapolis to a wealthy man.

  Mrs. Henrietta Pollen Lloyd Merrill, Milwaukee and Miami, Fla. the widow who since has remarried, also receives nothing.  She was provided for in a settlement before her marriage to Lloyd at Miami.

  Will Get Its Due.

  The division of stock was agreed to after the city had determined that it would be 35 or 40 years before most of the heirs died and the principal could be released. With 3,250 shares in that length of time, officials estimate that Menominee will have received all Lloyd intended it should.

  Present valuation of the stock, which comprises practically the whole estate, is low.  For that reason, a dispute arose when the income was lacking to pay heirs.  The city, however, anticipates that it will be able to realize enough from its holdings to fulfill Lloyd's plans for his home town.
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Fri., 24 Feb 1933

  Menominee--A message was received in Menominee on Tuesday announcing the sudden death of Cyrus Lloyd, sr., which occured at 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning in Santa Ana, Calif.  Mr. Lloyd was 71 years of age and was born n Meaford, Ontario.

  He was a brother of the late Marshall B. Lloyd, who died in August, 1928 [sic, actuall 1927],

  Surviving Mr. Lloyd are his widow, Mrs. Eleanor Lloyd; and the following children: William J. Lloyd, Los Angeles; Marshall Lloyd, Toledo, O; Alfred Lloyd, Orilla, Ontario; Jack Lloyd, Syracuse, N. Y.; Cyrus Lloyd, jr., Menominee; Eleanor, Grace, Gladys, Charles and Dora Lloyd, Santa Ana, Calif.

  Funeral services are to be held Thursday in Santa Ana, where the family has resided for the past eight years.

Name:    Henrietta Merrill
SSN:    147-36-5230
Last Residence:    07078  Short Hills, Essex, New Jersey, United States of America
Born:    2 Aug 1888
Died:    Oct 1966
State (Year) SSN issued:    New Jersey (1962 )

Essex County Vital RecordsCity of Newark
920 Broad Street Room 111
Newark, NJ 07101

733-6510 Montclair Historical Society
108 Orange Road
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 744-1796
Make money order payable to City of Newark.

David  Hammer
312 4th S
Orange, NJ 07050-0000 (map)

Tel.: (973) 266-7530 (call this number)

Shirley Fox Hammer

EAST WINDSOR -- Shirley Fox Hammer, 85, died Monday in the University Medical Center at Princeton.

Born in Paterson, Mrs. Hammer was a former resident of Jersey City and Freehold before moving to East Windsor 13 years ago.

She was a graduate of Jersey City State College and a member of Beth El Synagogue.

Wife of the late Henry Hammer, she is survived by two daughters, Barbara Hammer of East Windsor and Carole Grayson of North Brunswick; a son, David Hammer of Mayfair, NY; and five grandchildren.

Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at Orland's Ewing Memorial Chapel, 1534 Pennington Road, Ewing Township.

Burial will follow at Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge.

The period of mourning will be observed at the Hammer residence in East Windsor.

Memorial contributions may be offered to Beth El Synagogue, 50 Maple Stream Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520.

Published in The Times, Trenton, on 7/6/2004

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol 10, No. 182
Friday Evening, June 21, 1929

Former Wife of Late Men-
ominee Philanthropist
Now Mrs. Merrill.
  Milwaukee, June 21--(AP)--The marriage in Rockford, Ill., of Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, widow of Marshall B. Lloyd, millionair baby carriage manufacturer of Menominee, Mich., and Robert T[aylor]. Merrill, Milwaukee, was learned here today.

  Mr. and Mrs Merrill are now on an automobile trip and on their return here Monday will make there home here.  Mr. Merrill is the son of a pioneer Beliot banker [Sereno Taylor Merrill and Jane G. Blodgett] and [he is] a former World war officer.

  Mrs. Merril was the third wif of Mr. Lloyd who came to Menominee in 1900 as a poor inventor and died leaving an estate of $2,000,000.  His power loom for weaving baby carriages revolutionized the manufacture of these articles and reaped a fortune for its inventor.  Mr. Lloyd was a philanthropist as well as an inventor although his generosity was confined largely to Menominee.

  The bulk of the the Lloyd fortune was left to a clinic.  Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd was willed $300,000 through an ante-nuptual agreement and Mr. Lloyd's second wife, Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, Los Angeles, was cut off entirely.  Mr. Lloyd's [adopted] son [Frank Crosskill Lloyd, whom he had disowned] was willed $1 [actually $10].  Mr. Lloyd died Aug. 9 [actually 10 Aug 1928] of a heart attack.

  About a year ago Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd filed suit for a share of the estate charging that he had divorced her illegally in 1920 [27 Apr 1920] on grounds of desertion.  Her claim wasdisallowed by a Menominee court however, on the contention that she had not questioned the validity of the divorce for eight years.  [Nevertheless, the court did award her $25,000 in back alimony.]

  Mrs. Merrill is prominent in Menominee society and owns a home at Palm Beach, Fla.  She has resided in Milwaukee since June 9.

Tues., 8 May 1928
Waukesha, WI
The Waukesha Daily Freeman

  MENOMINEE, Mich.--(U.P.)--In spite of an adverse rulling by Judge Frank A. Bell, defense attorneys made another desperate effort today to amend an affidavit which had been depended upon to defeat a $1,000,000 claim against the estate of Marshall B. Lloyd, Menominee inventor and manufacturer, by Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, his second wife.

  Mrs. Lloyd, a resident of Los Angeles, Calif., won the first important skirmish in the case, which opened in circuit court here yesterday when Judge Bell held that the defense had no right, at such a late date, to amend an affidavit intended to show that Mrs. Lloyd had been legally divorced.

  Due to an oversight, the affidavit, signed by Mrs. Clara Ingolesby when she was stenographer for Lloyd's attorney eight years ago, fails to declare that she sent official notice of the divorce and a certified copy of the decree to Mars. Lloyd, and merely states that she mailed "a registered letter" to the plaintiff.

  Important Evidence
  Upon this affidavit hinges the entire proceedings, due to the fact that Mrs. Lloyd's complaint alleges the divorce was illegal because records do not show she was served, personally or by publication with notice of the suit.  For this reason she claimes to be the only legal wife of the millionaire inventor, and entited to hlf his estate.

  Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, who married the Menominee man shortly after his alleged divorce from Margaret, is fighting the suit, and claims that she alone is entitled to the estate.  She has promised to introduce testimony shoing that her predecessor deserted her husband after being accuse of immoral practices.

  Expectations of "hot" testimony were not fulfilled yesterday when Mrs. Margaret Lloyd took the stand.  Defense attornes confined themselves to questioning her about her various places of residence since she alleged she was driven from home by her husband.

  The plainfiff rested her case yesterday after introducing several witnesses who testified to ill feeling in the Lloyd household.

  The defense was expected to rest early today, and closing argument probably will be made this afternoon.

Waukesha, WI
The Waukesha Daily Freeman
Fri., 29 Jun 1928

ONLY $25,000
  MENOMINEE, Mch. (U.P.)--Margaret Isadora Lloyd, Los Angeles Calif., second wife of the late Marshall Burns Lloyd, who alleged she was put on a train and "sent west" with a one way ticket several years ago after she had helped her inventor husband amass a great fortune, has lost her fight for a widow's share in his $2,000,000 estate.

  But her bitter struggle with a third wife, Henrietta Llod, was not entirely in vain.  She was awarded $25,000 in lieu of alimony in a decision handed down yesterday by Circuit Judge Frank Bell here.

  The second Mrs. Lloyd based her claim on the plea that she was still the legal widow of Lloyd because she did not desert him but was sent away, and because divorce papers he subsequently obtained were erroneous.  The third and last wife of the nventor contested this plea with evidence that Margaret had brought about her own expulsion through an alleged liason with another man.

  Judge Bell admitted tere was some right on both sides.

  "There is nothing in the evidence," he said, "to require the court to set aside the decree an to declare Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd the legal wife.  As an injured spouse she might well have been allowed one fourth of his---end col. one---property, but as an erring one, much less but still something.

  "So far as the evidence in this case concerns their characters Marshal (sic) B. Lloyd may sleep in eace and the two women who were his wives may go forth worthy of respect.  This court awards Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd $25,000 in lieu of alimony, and Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd one-fourth of the residue of the estate.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Glove
Mon., 30 Apr. 1928

  Menominee--The million dollar claim of Margaret Isadora Lloyd of Los Angeles, against the estate of the late Marshall Burns Lloyd, as the legal widow of the Menominee inventor and benefactor, will be heard at the May term of enonee county circuit court before Judge Frank A. Bell in chancery.  The Term of court convenes on May 1 and by stipulation of attorneys of both sides the Lloyd case will be heard on May 8.

  Margaret Isadora Lloyd, whose marriage to Mr. Lloyd was dissolved in  divorce decree in the Menominee county circuit court on April 27, 1920, bases her claim for her statutory distributive share, or one-half of the Lloyd estate on the grounds that the divorce decree granted Mr. Lloyd was invalid and a nullity.  In her bill of complaint she contends that the court records fail to show she was ever served with notice of the divorce suit by personal service or by proper and--end col 1--
complete publication and that in the a complete publication ahd that in the absence of such showing the court had no jurisdiction to grant the divorce decree.  The decree was granted by Judge P. H. O'Brien of Houghton, who was occumpanying the Menominee count bench at the time of the divorce.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol. 8, No. 257; P1:C2-3
Mon. Evening, 19 Sep. 1927

Former Wife of Marshall
B. Lloyd Claims His Estate
  Menominee, Mich., Sept. 19--(AP)--Margaret Isadora Lloyd, of Los Angeles, whose marriage to Marshall B. Lloyd, late inventor and manufacturer of Lloyd loom products, of this city, was dissolved in a divorce decree in Menominee county circuit court in 1920 [27 Apr 1920], has entered claim for one half of his estate, the total value of which has been placed at $2,150,000.

  Attorney Michael J. Doyle, Menominee, entered his appearance as her attorney in Menominee probate court claiming statutory distributive share of one half of his estate as the legal widow of the late Mr. Lloyd on the grounds that the decree granted Mr. Lloyd is a nullity.

  Margaret Isadora Lloyd bases her claim on the grounds that Judge P. S. O'Brien of Houghton, Mich., who---end col. one---presided in the divorse case in the absence of Judge R. C. Flanigan of Menominee circuit was without jurisdiction to grant the decree inasmuch as Mrs. Lloyd was not served with notice of the divorce suit by personal service nor by rovisions as far as the records of the case disclose.

  In he opinion of the Menominee attorney, the claim of his client if established will not effect the bequest of the Lloyd will, made to Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, whom he married in 1922 [11 Apr 1922].  She will inherit as his legatee the $150,000 the will provides and also the $150,000 in real estate.

  Margaret Isadora Lloyd and Mr. Lloyd were married in Minneapolis in 1899 [18 Mar 1899] and lived together until 1917 when Mr. Lloyd was granted a decree on the grounds of desertion [may have been separated as early as 1917, but the filing for divorce was 7 Nov 1919 and was granted 27 Apr 1920].

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Fri, 4 May 1928;  P5:C1


  Menominee -- While attending Memorial services in Menominee county circuit court Monday to his friend, the late Justice Richard C. Flannigan of the Michigan supreme court, Michael J. Doyle, veteran Menominee attorney, suffered a heart attack and today his condition was reported as serious.

  Mr. Doyle had not been in the best of health the last few weeks and his emotions attendant upon the memorial to his old friend, who formerly had been judge of the Twenty-fifth judicial circuit are believed to have contributed to the attack.

  Mr. Doyle is chief counsel for the plaintiff in the action of Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd of Los Angeles, Calif., whose $1,000,000 claim on the estate of the late Marshall Burns Lloyd, as his legal widow, has been set for hearing in chancery in Menominee circuit court for next Monday.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Fri, 4 May 1928;  P8:C5


 Menominee, Mich. May 4--(AP)--With improvement in the condition of Michael J. Doyle, defendant's attorney preparations are going forward to stat trial Monday of the suit in which Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, first wife of the millianaire Menominee manufacturer, seeks a share in his estate.

  Doyle, pioneer Democrat, was strickenwith a heart attack several days ago and for a time it was thought the trial would have to be postponed.

  Doyle is representing the second wife of Lloyd, loom furniture manufacterer, who died some time ago.  Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd is contesting the will on grounds that her divorce from Lloyd was illegal.

Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol. 9, No. 144;  P1:C2-3 P2:C5
Mon. Evening, 7 May 1928

First Wife Asks Million
Menominee Would Suffer If Woman's Suit Is Success.

  Menominee, Mich. May 7--(AP)--A comely middle aged woman who was wife and helpmeet to Marshall Burns Lloyd during the stuggling years of his career that was climaxed by fame and wealh, related in court today her belief that she is entitled to one half of his $2,000,000 estate as his legal widow.

  Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, of Los Angeles, Calif., was the witness who laid her claims to a share in the estate of the Menominee inventor and manufacturer, before Judge Frank Bell in ciruit court where trial of her suit against the heirs opened today.

  In an hour's testimony under questioning of her counsel, Mrs. Lloyd said she fully believed she was the wife of Mr. Lloyd at the time of his death last August despite having seen a certified copy of a decree of divorce granted Lloyd in circuit court here April 27, 1920.---end col. 1--

  She said she had not been served with a notice that Mr. Lloyd was suing for diorce.  It is upon the contention that the divorce was therefore illegal that her suit for a widow's share is based.

  The tetimony of Mrs. Lloyd, 53 years old, which had not been conluded when a noon recess was taken, a deposition by Frank Lloyd of Los Angeles, an adopted son, cut off with $10 by his foster father, and brief testimony of a former maid consumed the mornng session of the trial.

  The lengthy deposition taken at Los Angeles, Calif., from the estranged son drew a picture of the home life of the Lloyd's in Minneapolis and Menominee, and told of an affair with a stenographer which Lloyd said his father had told him about.

  The son said Mrs. Lloyd had made
(continued on page two)

---page 2 col5----
Menominee Will Suffer if
Woman's Suit is Success.
(Continued from page one.)

a "fuss about" the affair with the stenographer which was said to have occurred in 1916.  Describing his father, Lloyd said, "he had to be humored and she (Mrs. Lloyd) worked hard to pleas him.  He often worked far into the night and never was able to go to bed at an reasonable time.  He was very irritable and Mrs Lloyd had to run errands and lay out his cloths.  He was very peeved if breakfast wasn't what he wanted."

  The maid, Mrs. Rose Halting of Menominee, who was the first witness after opening statements of counsel, testified that the affair mentioned by the son, was the turning point in the relations of Lloyd and his wife, where he home life had been "very good" before the incident, it was "terrible" afterward, she testified.

Six attorneys sat in court representing the plaintiff, and five appeard for the third wife, Mrs. Herietta Lloyd, who married the manufacturer two years after the divorce in 1920, and 17 others named as defendants.  Throughout the morning session, the third wife of Lloyd who by prenuptual stipulation received $150,000 of her husband's estate, sat back against the railing, gazing about the room and chewing gum.

  Modestly dressed, Mrs. Margaret Lloyd under the questioning of Newton Spencer, Escanaba, Mich., one of her attorneys, spoke quietly and with no emotion.  She was not permitted to tel her life with the manufacturer whom she married in 1899 [18 Mar 1899], after he had been divorced by his first wife, the previous year [abt. 1889].

  Menominee, Mich., May 7--(AP)--One woman's word was pitted against another, as the hearing of the million dollar claim against the estate of Marshall Burns Lloyd, millionaire Menominee manugacturer and inventor, opened in circuit court this morning.

  It was the word of Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd of Los Angeles, Calif., seeking one half of the wealth of the man whos home she shared until divorced in 1920, against that of Mrs. Henrietta B. [P.] Lloyd who displaced the first wife through a quiet marriage in 1920.

  Not in years has the city as a whole had such material interest in a civil action, for the community where Lloyd settled as a struggling young inventor and gained wealth and fame after years of toil may be the principal loser if the suit of its former resident is successful.

  When Lloyd died last August, he bequeathed $200,000 to the city for the establishment of a diagnostic clinic, and after specific bequests, decreed that most of his fortune should revert to the city after the death of those who benefitted from trusts he created.

  The first wife of the manufacturer has come from California in an attempt to prove her right to one half of his fortune as his legal widow.  Six attorneys composed the array of counsel she has engaged in an effort to show a jury before Judge Frank Bell in circuit court that she was not legally divorced by her husband in 1920.

Ironwood Daily Globe
Vol. 9, No. 146; P1:C3 P8:C7
Wed. Evening, 9 May 1928

Late Night Session Con-
clude Recital of All
  Menominee, Mich., May 9--(AP)--Margaret Isadora Lloyd's claim to a million dollars of the wealth of Marshall Burns Lloyd, the late "baby carriage king" rested today in the hands of Circuit Judge Frank B. Bell, after a two day hearing of the suit of the woman who claims she is the legal widow of the millionaire.

  A night session lasting until 11 o'clock Tuesday brought the hearing to a close after a steady flow of argument form counsel for both sides that began in the morning.  Judge Bell did not expect that he could give consideration to the case for another week at least, and the date when his decision will be hande down is problematical.

  The woman plaintiff who lived in Menominee until 1917 as the wife of Lloyd, inventor and manufaturer, claims half of the fortune left by him last Ausust as his legal widow.  Lloyd was married again two years after he obtained a  divorce charging desertion, but his former wife claims the decree is invalid.

  Speed To Train.

  Along toward the close of the arguments, and interuption was made to speed to a train which Clara Ingoldsby, former Menominee stenographer was boarding for her home in Chicago.  Miss Ingoldsby, former stenographer for John O'Hara, who was Lloyd's cousel in the divorce suit, had made an affidavit that she had mailed  registered letter containing notice of appearance to Mrs. Mar-
 (continued on page eight.)
(Continued from page one.)
garet Lloyd.  An error had been made which made it read "state of Illinois" but in makerng her affidavit to conform with the original that the dash to the train was made, as Judge Bell had ruled she alone could make the change.

  Judge Bell had permitted Miss Ingoldsby to make a second affidavit to show that the registered letter contained "notice of appearance in the divorce suit."  Her first affidavit merely said she had sent the woman a regstered letter.

  There were unconfirmed reports following the conference that a settlement of $400,000 of Mrs. Lloyd claim against the estate had been suggested and refused.  Another report was that the plaintiff's attorneys would seek a writ of mandamus today to prevent the judge from including in the records, Miss Ingoldsby's second affidavit.  Her [Margaretta Isadora Lloyd's] attorney had questioned whether she had been sent a notice, as one of their major contentions that [without which notice] the divorce was illegal.

  Against contention of the Los Angeles woman's cousel that Lloyd died as her husband, Isaac B. Lipson, of Chicago, counsel for Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, the third wife, and the 17 other defendants, contended that Margaret Lloyd had knowledge of the divorce action and knew she was divorced and that Marshall Lloyd whom she had married in Minneapolia a year after he had been legally separated from his first wife [Emma Crosskill] in 1898 so considered himself.

  Newton Spencer, in winding up the argument for the plaintiff said the defense had not referred to the 18 years Mrs. Margaret Lloyd lived with her husband.

  "Out of the goodness of his heart he left her one paltry dollar," Spencer said.  "Though we have respect for the memory of the inventor and philanthropist what repect shall we have for the woman who worked with him when he was in moderate circumstances, and then was cast off when riches were in sight for him?  In all the bigness of his heart Mr. Lloyd was small enough to leave her a dollar.  He supported her after he sent her away but as soon as the divorce was granted, stopped sending her the paltry 50 a month."
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Fri., 29 Jun 1928; P11:C1-C4

Divorced Wife of Late Manufaturer Denied Million Dollar Claim.
  Mernominee, Mich., June 29--(AP)--Instead of the million dollars she sought, Margaret Isadora Lloyd, divorced wife of the late Marsall B. Lloyd, wealty Menominee manufacterer, today could claim only $25,000 from his estate.  That sum was allowed her inlieu of alimony in a decision handed down by Circuit Judge Frank Bell.

  The judge in his decision upheald Lloyd's divorce from her on grounds of desertion, declined to recognize her claimthat she was Lloyd'r Lloyd's legal wife because he said she had not deserted him but had been sent away and gave her interest on the $25,000 from the time she filed her claim last September.  She had sought the million as the widow's share of the Lloyd estate.

  Whether an appeal will be taken from the award rests largely with Michael J. Doyle, chief of counsel for Mrs. Lloyd.  He is ill in a hospital and will not be shown the decision for several weeks.

  As far as the defense is concerned, Attorney Isaac B. Lipson, of Chicago, chief of counsel [for the defense], told the Associated Press that the "defendants are satisfied: we will not appeal."

  "The judicial record imparts verity," Judge Bell's decision said.  The question of alimony has never been before cited until the present hearing.  As an injured spouse, Margaret Lloyd might well have been allowed one-fourth of his property but as an erring one, much less, but still something."

   Upheald the Divorce.

  He upheld the divorce, granted in 1920 and declared that despite the testimony given by Frank Lloyd, a disinherit son, concerning alledged immorality on the part of Lloyd, "there is nothing in the case which lays its foundation in facts worthy of any credence, which exists as much as a shadow over the good name of the dead or living."

  Lloyd was remarried several years after his divorce to Henrietta Lloyd, who is still living.

  "There is nothing in the evidence," read the decistion, "to require the court to set aside the [divorce] decree and to declare her [Margaret Isadora instead of Henrietta], the legal wife."

  "We may now view the progress---end col 1---of Marshall B Lloyd as far as it affects this case," the decision went on.  "He was of an inventive turn of mind.  Generally, he was much absorbed in his patents; eccentric some times but he was business man enough to secure the fruits of his inventions.
  "By the time the plaintiff separated from him he was manager and ---end col 2---part owner of a manufacturing estabishment using his inventions, which employed 500 men.  He was mayor of Menominee and looked upon as a man of wealth.

  "The plainfiff knew this.  The record in the divorce decree though meager, shows Marshall B. Lloyd claimed the plaintiff deserted him.

  Offers Own Testimony.
  "Marshall B. Lloyd is dead.  The mouth of the plaintiff is closed.  She offered her own testimony as far as she could go as to an occurence from which the court was asked to draw the inference that Marshall V. Lloyd was not true to her; that she described his predilections to wander far from the fold and that she left him because of this and that he escorte her to the train when they forever severed marital relations.

  "She supported this or attempted to, by testimony of a disinherited son, Marshall [Frank rather], to the effect that the latter confessed infidelity to him.  The conviction is that his story loses somethin in the telling.

[obviously misplaced in article]
  "So far as the evidence in this case concerns their characters, Marshall B. Lloyd may sleep in peace and the two women who were his wives may go forth worthy of respect."

  "She supports this, or attempts to, by testimony of a disinherited son of Marshall Lloyd to effect that the latter confessed his infidelity to him.  This son so promptly appears in suit and concedes claim of plaintiff that in view of his disinheritance it is rather difficult to believe he is entirely disinterested and conviction---end col 3---is forced that his story loses nothing in telling.
  Cannont Be Permitted.
  ["]However the truth may be the evidence here relative to Mr. Lloyd's conduct arouses at most, suspicion, and cannot be permitted to outweigh solemn decree of this court made nine years ago, declaring plaintiff guilty of desertion.  The judicial record imparts verity."

  Relative to the claim of platiff of lack of jurisdiction by court in granting divorce decree because of erros in service papers involved, the court in substance said there was no showing that the plaintiff was misled by such errors.  What showing was made, the [he?] said, "has little appeal to court at this late day,"  in view of the fact she was able to vigorously assert her claimed rights less than two months after the death of Mr. Lloyd after a silence of seven years.

Appleton, WI
Appleton Post-Crescent
Mon., 19 Sep 1927; P1:C3

Woman Whose Marriage Was
  Disolved Demands Half of
  Lloyd Property
  Menominee, Mich.--(AP)--Margaret Isadora Lloyd of Los Angeles, whose marriage to Marshall B. Lloyd, late inventor and manufacturer of Lloyd loom products of this city, was dissolved in Menominee Co. circuit court in 1920, has entered a claim for one-half of his estate, the total value of which has been placed at $2,150,000.

  Attorney Michael J. Doyle, Menominee, entered his appearance as her attorney in Menominee probate court, claiming statutory distributive share of one-half of his estate as the legal widow of the late Mr. Lloyd, on the grounds that the decree granted Mr. Lloyd is a nullity.

  Margaret Isadora Lloyd bases her claim on the grounds that Judge P. H. O'Brian of Houghton, Mich., who presided in the divorce cases in the absence of Judge R. C. Flanigan of Menominee circuit court was without jurisdiction to grant the decree, inasmuch as Mrs. Lloyd was not served with notice of the divorce suit by ersonal service nor by puglication, as far as the records of the case disclose.
  In the opinion of the Menominee attorney, the claim of his client, ig [sic, if] established, will not affect the bequest of the Lloyd will made to Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd, whom he married in 1922.  She will inherit as his legatee the $150,000 provided in the will and also the $150,000 in real estate.

  Margaret Isadora Lloyd and Mr. Lloyd were married in Minneapolis in 1899 and lived together until 1917, when Mr. Lloyd was granted a decree on the grounds of desertion.

Stevens Point, WI
Stevens Point Daily Journal
Vol 33 NO. 111; P1:C4
Mon., 7 May 1928


  Menominee, Mich., May 7--(AP)--One woman's word was pitted against another, as the hearing of the million dollar claim against the estate of Marshall Burns Lloyd, millionaire Menominee manufacturer and inventor, opened in circuit court this morning.

  It was the word of Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd of Los Angeles, California, seeking one-half of the wealth of the man whose home she shared until divorced in 1920, against that of Mrs. Henrietta B. Lloyd, who displaced the first wife through a quiet marriage in 1920.

  When Lloyd died last August, he bequeathed $200,000 to the city for the establishment of a diagnostic clinic, and after specific bequests, decreed that most of his fortune should revert to the city afte the death of those who benefitted from trusts he created.
  The first wife of the manufacturer has come from California in an attempt to prove her right to one-half of his fortune as his legal widow.

Waukesha, WI
Wakesha Daily Freeman
09 May 1928

  MENOMINEE, Mich., (U.P.)--While the claim of Mrs. Margaret Isadora Lloyd, Los Angeles, to half the $2,000,000 estate of Marshall Burns Lloyd, Menominee inventor, was in the hands of circuit court Judge Frank A. Bell here today, unofficial reports said the California woman had been offered $500,000 cash, to settle out of court.

  Judge Bell took the case under advisement last night after final argument nded the two day chancery hearing.  He did not indicate when a decision would be handed down.

  Attorneys for the defense, in their summation, pictured Mars. Margaret Lloyd, second wife of the millionaire, as a scheming adventuress, who, after deserting her husband in his greatest nee, now has returned to wreck his estate.

  Scores Wife No. 2
  Attorneys for the plaintiff described Mrs. Hernietta Lloyd, third wife of the dead man, as a scheming adventuress, who, after marrying a doddering old man for his money, without first finding out if he had been properly divorced, now is fighting the just claim of her perdecessor, whom he inventor spurned at the height of his career.

  Mrs. Lloyd, 2nd, refused to comment today on the rumor that she had received a half million dollar offer.  She merely reiterated her contention that she never was divorced, never signed away her rights to the estate, and never deserted her husbant.  She seemed confident of sucess.

  The defence scored an important point yesterday when Judge Bell allowed an affidavit purporting to show Mrs. Margaret Lloyd had ee properly served with divorce papers, to be admitted to the record.  He previously had declared such was improerly drawn, and that an amendment correcting it came too late to affect settlement of the case and should not be allowed.
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Wed., 26 Mar 1930; P?:C4-5


  Menominee--Illness of Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd Merrill in Florida may couse a postponement of the final Probate court hearing in the estate of her late husband, Marshall B. Lloyd, which was set for Thursday of this week.  However, it was stated, that although Mrs. Merrill had been expected in Menominee for the final settlement of the executors, of which she is one, it had not been ascertained whether her presence was absolutely necessary.  It was said that Mrs. Lloyd's illness was serious but her condition was not critical.
  The hearing set for Thursday was to be the final settlement of the executors who will continue after the settlement as trustees of the estate, to keep the funds invested and to pay the income to the beneficiaries including the es-

---end col. 4--
tablishment of the Marshall B. Lloyd fund for diagnosis and temporary care of the sick in Menominee.
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Tues., 1 Apr 1930; P6:C6


  Menominee, Mich., April 1--(AP)--Hearing asked by heirs of the Marshall Burns Lloyd estate into an accounting of the estate Monday was postponed in probate court until April 23.  Beneficiaries of the estate seek and accounting from Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd Merrill, Milwaukee, co-executor with the Detroit Trust company.
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Tues., 6 May 1930; P1:C1
Vol 11., No 142

Court Verdict Allows Lloyd Heirs to Remove $167,952 From Funds.
  Menominee, Mich., May 6--(AP)--The city of Menominee today planned an appeal from a probate court decision which allowed heirs of the Marshall Burns Lloyd estate to remove $167,952 from the estate's funds, City Attorney T. B. Doyle said.

  Probate Judge John Stiles yesterday ordered that amount from the Lloyd estate turned over to heirs on the basis it was earned income and they were entitled to it.

  Lloyd, millionaire baby carriage manufacturer who established the city's largest industry, left the pricipal of his estate intact, to be turned over to Menominee upon the death of the heirs for purposes of building a huge free clinic.  When originally probated, the estate stood at $1,617,000.  The heirs were allowed only the income, according to his will.

  In an action started several weeks ago, the heirs insisted they had not obtained all income from the estate and demanded an accounting from the Detroit Trust company and Mrs. Henrietta Lloyd Merrill, Milwaukee, co-executors of the estate.  They asked for approximately $260,000 reputed income.

  The city replied there had been no income due to slumping values of the principal.
Ironwood, MI
Ironwood Daily Globe And News Record
Thurs., 18 Aug 1927


  It should be gratifying to citizens o Menominee to learn that the work of Marshall B. Lloyd will go on after his death.  But it is not at all surprising that Mr. Lloyd made such provisions in his will.  He was a man of whom such foresight could be expected.

  Probably the most gratifying is the term in the will which provides for the new Lloyd store to continue its operation and the will authorizes the executors and trustees to provide the store with all the funds that are necessary for its continued success.

  Mr. Lloyd left an estate of several millions.  The beneficiaries will receive the income from eight ninths of the estate during their life, after which the entire estate reverts to charitable purposes from which the people of Menominee will receive the benefits.  Included in the terms of the will was the wish of Mr. Lloyd that an institution be established in the city for medical diagnosis and the temporary care of sick persons who are unable to pay for such care.
Ironwood, MI
The Ironwood Daily Globe
Wed., 19 Mar 1930; P2:C4-C5


  Menominee -- Representative of the administrators of the estate of Marshall B. Lloyd were in conference here over Sunday with representatives of the heirs preparatory--end col 4--to the probate cout hearing on March 20.

  The Detroit Trust company and Mrs. Henrietta Pollen Lloyd Merrill, Milwaukee, executors of the estate, recently filed in probate court an accounting of the trusteeship of the $1,617,000 left by Mr. Lloyd.  A bill of particulars, asking more detailed information on specific charges appearing to be excessive was filed by the heirs who made a complete audit of the accounting.

  According to figures of the executors, there remained $921,568 in the estate including 10,463 shares of stock listed at $72.50 a share, which the heirs declared had depreciated considerably in value.

  The administrators account for $904,459 expended out of the estate, including $227,000 administration expenses.
Ironwood, MI
Ironwood Daily Globe
Thurs., 11 Aug 1927

  Menominee, Mich., Aug. 11--(AP)--Funeral services for Marshall B. Lloyd, inventor of Lloyd loo for wicker baby carriages, who died of heart trouble early Wednesday morning, will be held Saturday afternoon.  Rev. J. Bailey, of Grace Episcopla chuch, will officiate.

  The body will lie in state at the Lloyd residence Thursday afternoon.  Burial will be at Riverside cemetery.

12:52 AM 8/6/2005

Paper unknown, 1st week of Apr. 1912
Paola, Miami, KS


John Wesley. Reddington died Sunday, March 31, 1912, at the home of his son Joseph Eugene in Kansas City, after a brief illness with pneumonia.  Since the death of his wife Mary Catherine Scott in Paola, Miami Co., KS three years ago on August 03, 1908, he made his home in Paola with his daughter, Mrs. William. Alexander. Taylor (Myrtle Estelle).  A short time ago he went to Kansas City for a visit to his son Joseph Eugene, and was taken ill.

Mr. Reddington was born in Hancock co., Indiana, April 10, 1830.  He grew up there and at the breaking out of the civil war enlisted at Boxleytown, IN on 19 Dec 1861 as a private in company H, 57th Indiana infantry, serving three years and seven months (having re-enlisted on 01 Jan 1864 in the same company).  He was twice wounded and was in the hospital several months, from where he was honorably discharched 25 May 1865 on account of disability.  For a number of years he was practically an invalid.

Mr. Reddington was twice married.  In 1852 on the 22nd of Jan. in Hamilton Co., IN he was married to Miss Nancy Jane Mace.  Three children were born to that union [William Riley, Mary E., and Annie Matilda].  His wife died in 1861 [October 16, 1862] while he was in the war. He was again married in 1863 [10 Mar 1864 to Mary Catherine Scott], and six children were born to them [Jennie, Rosetta, John Henry, Joseph Eugene, Myrtle Estelle, and Margaret Isadora]. All his children survive him. By his first wife, William Riley Reddington of Sheridan, Indiana, Mrs. Phillip Hadley (Mary E.) at Kansas City and Mrs. Edward Clark (Annie Matilda) of Iowa. By his second marriage, Mrs. C. W. Herzog (Jennie Mae) of Denver, Colo., Mrs. Elmer Frank Brown (Rosetta) of San Francisco, John. Henry. Reddington of Mavern, Arkansas, Joseph. Eugene. Reddington at Kansas City, Mrs. William. Alexander. Taylor (Myrtle Estelle) of Paola and Mrs. Marshall. Burns. Lloyd (Margaret Isadora) of Menominee, Michigan.

He moved with his family to Kansas about thirty-eight years ago [1874] and lived in different parts of the State. He was an honorable, upright man, an active, live Christian, uniting with the Methodist church when a boy. He was a member of McCaslin post [GAR, No 117, organized 25 Aug by Col. W. B. Shockley] of Paola and was given a soldier's burial by his comrades.

The remains were brought to Paola Tuesday [2 Apr 1912] and taken to the Methodist church, where the funeral services, conducted by Rev. B. M. Powell, assisted by Rev. Spencer, were held. The Remains were buried in the Paola cemetery..

Card Folder. Military Records. Source: John Wemple Lloyd, Frank's son.

Form 385-Bu. Nav





Class    5-G.S.   


   Frank Croskill   
(Christian name.)

(Appointed as.)



 Name           Frank Croskill Lloyd           

 Rank   Ensign     Enrolled  Dec. 13 , 19 18  

 at      New York, N.Y.            to serve  4   

 years from      Aug. 26      , 19 18    in  the

         5 - G. S.             United States Naval
          (Class of reserve.)
 Reserve Force.   Citizenship       U. S.       
                                                     (U.S. or N.U.S.)
 Place of birth  Meaford, Ont., Canada    

 Date of birth       July 23       ,   1  888     

 Usual residence          Menominee,         
                                            (Art. 705 I.)

 Name and address of next of kin    Wife    
              Elizabeth  J.  Lloyd                
                         (Name and Address.)
               Menominee, Mich.                   


                           Lieut.-Comdr  U.S.N., R.F.
                                     Enrolling Officer.

(This form will be filled out nd signed at the rendezvous or on board the vessel where the officer is enrolled. The abbreviations for citizenship will be used as follows: U.S., native born citizen of the U.S.; N.U.S., naturalized citizen of the U.S.; C.I.P., citizen of insular ossessions of the U.S. Citizens of the insular possessions may be enrolled in the Naval Auxilliar Reserve, but in no other class.)