Miles, Ellen G[ross]. [Charles Balthazar Julien Fèvret de] Saint-Mémin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in America. Ed. Dru Dowdy. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994. (LC: NE650.S33 A4 1994).

The portraits are online. No text yet. the files ending in a T are thumbnails. The names of the files are the initials of the individual:
Alexander Macomb,Sr.

Janette (Marshall) Macomb, Mrs. Alex. Macomb, Sr.

John Navarre Macomb, Sr.

Christina Livingston Macomb,  Mrs. J. N. Macomb, Sr. 

Sarah Johnson Livingston, Mrs. Philip P. Livingston

Mary Watts, Lady Johnson mo. of Sarah Johnson

Alexander Macomb, Jr. 

Robert Kennedy 

Jane (Macomb) Kennedy

Alexander von Pfister

William Armstrong

Margaret (Marshall) Armstrong, Mrs. Wm. Armstong

Marshall Davies Lloyd