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Alexander Macomb
b. April 3, 1782. d. June 25, 1841.
US War of 1812 General. Commanded the Sacketts Harbor garrison, took part in the Capture of Fort George under Winfield Scott and participated in Gen. James Wilkinson's unsuccessful St. Lawrence expedition. Promoted to Brigadier General in January 1814, General Macomb performed his greatest feat in repulsing a British invasion of New York at the Battle of Plattsburgh (September 11, 1814). Promoted Major General after the war. He was appointed to succeed Gen. Jacob J. Brown as general-in-chief of the US Army..
Congressional Cemetery, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA
Specific Interment Location: Range 55, Site 147.
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This picture appears courtesy of: Russ Dodge

This picture appears courtesy of: Russ Dodge