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Ellen Ellen Navarre (1867-1925)obituaryUncle Loufamily tree
   born: June 14, 1867, Lucas Co., Oh.
   died: October 26, 1925, 839 McKinley Ave., Toledo, OH
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
Grace Altia Grace (Williams) Louzon/Spencer (1881-1956)obituary
   born: June 17, 1881
   died: December 18, 1956
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
Bonnie Ball Bonnie Ball
   Mrs. Edward McGee
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
Leora "Dolly" Daso (1900-1981)family tree
   February 23, 1900 - November 1981
   Roy Linden
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
Ila Mae Ila Mae (Louzon) Ball (1908-1995)Ila Mae
   born: September 28, 1908, Lucas Co., OH
   died: December 22, 1995, San Diego, CA
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
Mary "Maime" Alice (Williams) Seeger (1886-1955)
   born: October 10, 1886, OH
   died: July 29, 1955, Los Angeles, CA
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee
family gathering Family Gathering
   Submitted by: Jaycee McGee

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