The Labadie Family was founded in America by Pierre Descomptes dit Labadie(born 1702) sometime in the mid-1740s. He came to Fort Detroit from Montreal, bringing with him his wife, Angelica Lacelle. They had eight children:
1. Joseph (b. 18 Dec 1728)
2. Anthony Louis (b. 1730)
3. Margaret (b. 22 Aug 1734)
4. Mary Joseph (b. 16 Jan 1737)
5. Margaret Angelica (b. 1738)
6. Peter (b. 5 Sep 1742)
7. Alexis (b. 3 Apr 1746)
8. Elizabeth (b. 5 Mar 1749)

All Labadies Welcome!!

This page is up for the purpose of sharing information about the Labadie family with all those interested in Labadie genealogy worldwide.

It is our hope that someday in the future we might be able to put together a Labadie Reunion. Although largely concentrated in the Detroit area, the Labadie Family has spread from New England to California, from Michigan's U.P. to Texas. Until that day we can all meet, we will be happy to have a "Virtual Reunion" right here on the Web!

I have been gathering Labadie information for about 20 years, and still am always thrilled to encounter new information, new photos, and new cousins. Please use this page to make yourself known to the rest of the Labadie Family worldwide. I am hoping in the future to add more photos and a short genealogy of the beginnings of the Labadies here in America.

BADISHON - Many have asked about this name and how it came into use with Labadie. The Ottawa Indians, with whom the Labadies were great friends, could not pronouce "La-Ba-Dee". They were able to pronouce the ending sound "Badi", and the "shon" was later added, to create "Badishon". From then after, the Labadies were known as Badishon among the Ottawa. Many Labadies who married Indians, especially on the Canadian Shore, took "Badishon" as their name.

The photo below is of the Pierre Descomptes Labadie's homestead on the Detroit River. Built in 1770's, it was located at 222 River Street before being torn down in the 1890's to make way for a gas main.

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The Labadie Motto - "Je me souviendrai" (I will always remember)



Many of the Labadies help settle Downriver Detroit cities (River Rouge, Ecorse...) along the river. To see some nice "then & now" photos of those areas click here.

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