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Photo Album William Navarre (1863-1945) tree
   born: August 18, 1863 Momineetown, Ohio.
   died: October 16, 1945 Toledo, OH
Rose Emma Faneuff Photoalbum Rose Emma (Faneuff) Navarre. tree
   born: Dec 30 1866 Tilbury Center, Ont.
   died: July 15, 1935 Toledo, Oh
Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre.Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre tree
   born: 18 Aug 1899 Toledo, Oh.
   died: 20 Feb 1975 Oregon Twp., Lucas Co., Oh
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
Aileen and Jane Aileen and Jane Navarre. Aileen and JaneAileen and Jane--detail
   L: Aileen [later Breymaier] (3 Jan 1924-10 Jun 1988)tree
   R: Jane [later Martin] (22 Aug 1921-4 Jan 1996)tree
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
Aileen Aileen Navarre. (3 Jan 1924-10 Jun 1988)Aileen (Navarre) Breymaiertree
   Morrison R. Waite High School
   Purple and Gold, 27 (1942)
   submitted: by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
N. Elem. Navarre Day, Navarre Park (9/29/2000)Peter Navarre Day 2000
   Terry Breymaier as Robert the Scout
   with the kids of Navarre Elementry
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
ptr and rbt Black Swamp Festival, Pearson Metropark (10/1/2000)Black Swamp Festival 2000
   L: Terry Breymaier as Robert the Scout
   R: Larry Michaels as Peter the Scout
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.tree
280 Dearborn 280 Dearborn (September 21, 2001)
   William and Rose (Faneuff) Navarre's Home
   Toledo, Ohio
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd.

Marshall Davies Lloyd mlloyd@sms-va.com