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Mary Mary Navarre (1873-1955)Mary Navarre
   Birth: 26 May 1873, Toledo, Ohfamily tree
   Death: 5 Jan 1955, Oregon, Lucas Co., OH
   Submitted by: Alice Mary (Eaton) Kramer
Mary Navarre Reunion (July 1950)Reuniondetail
   L-R: Rachael Navarre Lloyd and
   Mary Navarre Eaton Carlon (Wm. Navarre's sister) Obituary
   submitted: by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
detail Aunt MaryAunt Mary detail
   Navarre Reunion (July 1950)
   Submitted by: Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
Walter, Florida, 1920s Walter Andrew EatonWalter
   Birth: 8 Oct 1891family tree
   Death: 30 Jan 1959
   Submitted by: Alice Mary (Eaton) Kramer

Marshall Davies Lloyd