1893 Momeneetown School

Many of the boys and girls shown above, most of whom now are fathers and mothers themselves of even larger children, will attend a reunion of students of old Momeneetown School at Pearson Park Saturday, Aug. 10. The class shown above attended Momeneetown School in 1893. They are, left to right, front row, Edward Tierney, Rev. Arthur Dusseau, Herman Jacobs, Roma Momenee, Walter Navarre, Cornelius Dusseau, Joseph Abt and Fred Hofbauer; second row, Ada Condon, Joseph Bartley, Charles Shelles, Edward Momenee, Mrs. Rose Bartley, Mrs. Mabel Driftmeyer, Mrs. Violet Ewing, Mrs. Adolph Momenee, Mrs. Lena Myers, Miss Louise Clements and Mrs. Julia Hall; third row, the teacher, Miss Lily Muir; Miss Lucy Smith, Ernest Navarre, Joseph Navarre, Miss Josephine Fassett, now superintendent of Oregon Township schools; Mrs. Herman Jacob, Mrs. Jesse Cannon, Mrs. Wallace Momenee, Mrs. Flora Hoeflinger, Mrs. James McCormick and Mrs. Joseph Clement; back row, Mrs. Lulu Norton, Mrs. Riley DeCant, Mrs. Walter McGinnis, Mrs. Edward Gschwind, Mrs. Dan Nadeau, Mrs. Charles Shelles, Mrs. David Fahnstock, Mrs. Eva Springer and Mrs. Edward Navarre, owner of the above picture.

MDL notes on the above
front row: (left to right)
Edward Tierney
Rev. Arthur Dusseau
Herman Jacobs [1882-1950]
Roma I. Momenee [1885-1951] tree
Walter Mominee Navarre [1887-1967] tree
Cornelius Dusseau
Joseph Abt [1887-1917] tree
and Fred Hofbauer

second row:
Ada Condon
Joseph Bartley
Charles Shelles
Edward J. Momenee [1883-1971] tree
Mrs. Rose Bartley
Mrs. Mabel Driftmeyer
Mrs. Violet Ewing
Mrs. Adolph Momenee [Magdelena "Lena" Abt 1885-1946]
Mrs. Lena Myers
Miss Louise Clements
and Mrs. Julia Hall

third row
the teacher
Miss Lily Muir
Miss Lucy Smith
Ernest Leon Navarre [1882-1950] tree
Joseph Navarre
Miss Josephine Fassett [1884-1975] tree
Mrs. Herman Jacob [Katherine Abt 1883-1956]
Mrs. Jesse Cannon
Mrs. Wallace Momenee [Alice Navarre (1883-)]
Mrs. Gus Hoeflinger [Flora (Momenee) 1880-1961] tree
Mrs. James McCormick
and Mrs. Joseph Clement

back row
Mrs. Lulu Norton
Mrs. Riley DeCant
Mrs. Walter McGinnis
Mrs. Edward Gschwind
Mrs. Dan Nadeau
Mrs. Charles Shelles [Alta Johnston]
Mrs. David Fahnstock
Mrs. Eva Springer
and Mrs. Edward Navarre [Zoé Mary (Momenee) 1881-1948] tree

Marshall Davies Lloyd