Navarre Arms

Seal of Jeanne de Navarre, queen of France, ca. 1300
Henry d'Albret

71. Initiatoire instruction en la religion chrestienne pour les enffans (Beginning Instruction in the Christian Religion for Children), attributed to Wurttemburg reformer Johann Brenz (b. 1499-d. 1570), France, around 1527, Library of the Arsenal, MS 5096, Parchment

Although a Catholic, Queen Marguerite of Navarre (b. 1492-d. 1549), King Francis I's sister, protected and corresponded with reformers. Written for Marguerite at the time of her marriage (1527), this manuscript opens with two large miniatures. On folio 1 verso is a golden crown inside a wreath bearing the arms of the princess. On folio 2, Marguerite's husband, Henry of Albret, king of Navarre (1517-1555) and grandfather of the future Henry IV (1589-1610), is shown holding a marguerite daisy.

Province of Navarre Spain
Navarre Estate Arms
Estate Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Or a Portcullis Gules 2nd Or a Fleur-di-lis Gules 3rd Argent a Fleur-di-lis Or

Navarres of Mieux and New France Knights of Rhodes Phillip III, Comte of Evreaux, King of Navarre 1301-1343
Denis Diderot

Chain - The chain was borne by the kings of Navarre, the arms being blazoned: "Gules, a trellis of chains or, in cross saltire." Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry - C

Victor & Henri Rolland. Général Illustrated Armorial. Vol 4. Lyon, France: Sauvegarde Historique.