Detroit, Ste. Anne's Catholic Church 1801-1842 records P. 2355. U.S. French Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1695-1954. Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. (Available at


                Robert Navarre, decédé depuis trois jours
âgé d’environ soixante six ans, a été inhumé dans le cimetière
de cette paroisse, par nous, prêtre soussigné, aujourdhuy, le
dix-neuvième jour du mois de Décembre de l’année mil huit
cent treize, en présence de Jean Marie Navarre, son fils et
d’Étienne Dubois chantre qui a signé avec nous.
            (Signé) Étienne Dubois, Gabriel Richard prêtre.

                Robert Navarre, deceased for three days
about sixty-six years of age, was buried in the cemetery
of this parish, by us, the undersigned priest, today the
19th day of the month of December of the year one thousand eight
hundred thirteen, in the presence of Jean Marie Navarre, his son and
that of Étienne Dubois cantor who has singed with us.
            (Signed) Étienne Dubois, Gabriel Richard priest.

MDL notes: Robert Navarre b. 25 Nov 1739 Detroit, the son of Robert and Marie (Lootman dit Barrois) Navarre. He married 13 Dec 1762 at Detroit, Mary Louisa Marsac (26 Oct 1744-10 Oct 1796), daughter of Francis and Teresa Cecilia (Campau) Marsac. In 1813 he would have been about sixty-six. They indeed had a son John Mary Navarre b. 23 Oct 1778 on the SW coast of Detroit. Previously no one lists a death date for John Mary, but now we can at least safely say "after 19 Dec 1813." By the way, most list Robert's death date as 19 Dec 1813 but here we see that that is his burial date. From the comment "dead for three days (decédé depuis trois jours)" we can suppose that his actual death date was 16 Dec 1813. John Mary Alexis Navarre (21 Sep 1763-May 1836) who m. Archange Godet sister to Mary Louisa Godet who married their brother Francis Mary Navarre dit Utreau. According to the Records of the Parish of Ste. Anne of Detroit, in a general meeting of the inhabitants of the Parish, Etienne Dubois was elected secretary while Gabriel Richard is listed as rector.

The City of Detroit, Michigan 1701-1922 by William Stocking, Gordon K. Miller.

Etienne (Stephen) Dubois, son of Etienne Dubois and Charlotte Lacelle, born in Montreal, married (1) in Detroit, November 5, 1792, Margaret Descomps dit Labadie, and (2) Susanne Facer, widow of Jean Baptiste Peltier. Etienne is frequently mentioned in early church records as being present at burials and he was probably the sexton of Ste. Anne's Church. The only persons mentioned in the census roll of 1820 by the name of Dubois were Etienne and Susanne, the husband and wife above mentioned. The cemetery of Ste. Anne's Church was on the plat of ground bounded on the north by present Cadillac Square, west of Ranldoph Street, east of Bates Street and north of Larned Street. In this plat were located the church on the southwest corner and the house in which Bishop Reese lived, while bishop and which was subsequently for some years occupoied by the parish priest, located near the southwest corner of Congress and Randolph streets.