Toledo Blade, circa 1911



Robert Navarre and Wife to
Observe Golden Wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Navarre, of 1712 Cutter street will Saturday celebrate their golden wedding by a family reunion with a dinner in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Navarre represent one branch of the Navarre family, whose history is linked with that of the Maumee valley. Mr. Navarre being a nephew of Peter Navarre, the great American scout. Though 81 years old, Mr. Navarre has lived here all his life and his wife, 72, has lived here most of her life, though born at Monroe, Mich. Ten children out of a family of 14 survive. Mrs. Navarre has been mother not only to her own 14 children, but has also raised seven orphans. She yet does her own work about the home for a family of six.

The 10 surviving children, all residents of Toledo, are: William, Adam, Andrew, Edward, Joseph, Louis and Mrs. [Julienne]obit Edw. Jacobs, Mrs. [Ellen]obit Michael Gallagher, Mrs. [Mary] Daniel Eaton, Mrs. [Delia] Henry Perry. One sister [Mrs. (Emma) Israel Joseph Faneuff] and three brothers [Robert, Paul, and ?] are dead. There are 26 grandchildren and seven greatgrandchildren. Four generations are represented in the family of Mrs. Edward Jacobs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Navarre, Mrs. Jacob's daughter (Julia), Mrs. Harry Blackmore with her daughter, Miss Violet Blackmore.


Toledo Blade, circa 1912

 Says Early Indians
 Were Honorable Men 




Robert Navarre Says They
Were Honorable.

Cooper's portrayal of the American Indian in his celebrated Leather Stocking Tales is held to be true by Robert Navarre, East Side pioneer who was born near Presque Isle and knew the traits of Indian character through daily contact with them in his boyhood. Mr. Navarre is the son of Robert Navarre the American scout, who with his younger brother Peter Navarre, are celebrated in the annals of American history. Owing to the fact that Peter Navarre carried a historical message from Gen. Harrison to the garrison at Ft. Stephenson, at Fremont, he became better known than his older brother who endured the same hardships and faced the same perils in the delivery of messages and mail between Bucyrus, Perrysburg, Sandusky, Monroe and Detroit.

"The Indian in those days never lied and did not steal," said Robert Navarre in talking of old times. "You were absolutely safe with them, and what an Indian told you, that you could depend upon. And he expected the same thing of you. If you lied or stole from him, he would remember it if it was 10 or 20 years later and make you suffer for it. It was only after the Indian came into contact with white people that they did dishonorable things. In their native state you could absolutely rely upon what an Indian told you.

"I have seen the great feasts and dances of the Indians at Presque Isle. I remember on one occasion there were five or six thousand gathered for a great dance. The dance was continued through the night. They danced in pairs until they were tired out when they would join those in the circle about the dancers and rest and feast until ready to dance again."

Mr. Navarre says there were six sons in his father's family. Robert, Francis, Peter, Alexander, Anthony and a sixth whose name [James] he could not recall. Mr. Navarre, though 82 years old, is yet able to be about the streets, but age has made his step more feeble. Mr. and Mrs. Navarre reside at 1712 Cutter street, East Side.


Toledo Blade, Thursday, January 8, 1914


Funeral services for Robert R. Navarre, 82, 1712 Potter Cutter st. will be held at 8 a. m. on Saturday at St. Louis church. Interment will be in Calvary cemetery. Navarre died at the home of his son, William, 524 Front st., on Wednesday afternoon.

Navarre had been a resident of the East Side and Momineetown all his life. His father, Robert Navarre, was the eldest of the six Navarre boys, famed Indian scouts in the war of 1812.

Navarre was engaged in farming until he retired about 18 years ago. He had been ill for several months. Several weeks ago he was removed at his own request to his son's home, where he died.

Navarre left his widow Maria (Navarre) Navarre, five sons, William, Andrew, Adam, Louis of East Toledo, and Edward of Momineetown, and four daughters, Mrs. Edward [Julia] Jacobs, Mrs. Michael [Ellen] Gallagher and Mrs. Daniel [Mary] Eaton of the East Side, and Mrs. Henry [Delia] Perry of Bono.


Toledo Blade, Thursday, January 8, 1914



Robert Navarre, Son of
Pioneer Settler, Is Dead,
Aged 83.

Robert P. R. Navarre, 83, son of Robert Navarre, who with the latter's brother, Peter Navarre, were American scouts in the war of 1812, died at the home of his son, William Navarre, 524 Front street, Wednesday afternoon at 2:40.  Mr. Navarre's biography extends back to the time when Indians were plentiful in this vicinity.  He played with Indian boys along the river down towards Presque Isle and their customs and habits were all familiar to him.  In his latter days he was wont to speak of the good traits of the aboriginees to whom in the early days lying and stealing were unknown.

With his wife [Maria] he had lived for a number of years at his home at 1712 Cutter street, but several months ago, when he became helpless, he was removed to the home of his son, William Navarre.  Besides his wife he is survived by five sons, William Navarre, restaurant man at 524 Front street; Andrew of 1712 Cutter street; Adam and Louis also of the East Side; Edward Navarre of Momineetown, and four daughters, Mrs. Edward Jacobs, Mrs. Michael Gallagher, Mrs. Mary Eaton and Mrs. Henry Perry, of the East Side.

Mr. Navarre was born August 3, 1830, near Presque Ile and had always lived in the vicinity of the East Side. His last regular occupation was a farmer, but he had retired many years ago. He was the father of 14 children in all, but five of them are dead.

The history of the East Side, by Isaac Wright says that Robert Navarre had told of his father killing as high as 21 Deer a week in the vicinity of the East Side and late in the thirties Robert Navarre, Sr., killed a large black bear. The man who has just passed away killed a number of deer in this vicinity and saw wolves nubering 300 and flocks of wild turkeys that would cover an acre.

The funeral of Mr. Navarre will be held in St. Louis Church probably Saturday morning and interment will be at Calvary cemetery.

 His Life Eventful:
      End Was Peaceful 




Toledo City Directory 1900-1916
The following are the entries for 1712 Cutter (by the old numbering, presently in the 1500's). Robert R. Navarre [Sept. 3, 1830-Jan. 7, 1914] is listed as the owner from 1900-1913 (age 71-84 since he was listed as 51 at the time of the 1880 Census). The names of the "boarders" mostly coincide with those of his sons [grandsons?]. The Toledo Blade obituary (1/8/1914) lists him as Robert P. Navarre, 83 at time of death and his address as 524 Front St., the address of William's restaurant. The middle initial P is a corruption. Robert R. is carried in the city directory, on his death certificate, on his wife's death certificate, and on his headstone.

1899-00 Navarre Robert R, h  206 Euclid av.
1899-00 Navarre Edward P, porter, bds  206 Euclid av.
1899-00 Navarre Joseph, bartndr, bds  206 Euclid av.

1900-01 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 71]
1900-01 Navarre Edward P, clk, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 20]
1900-01 Navarre Joseph, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 17]
1900-01 Navarre Louis R, bartender, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 25]

1901-02 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 72]
1901-02 Navarre Edward P, lab. bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 21]
1901-02 Navarre Joseph, lab. bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 18]
1901-02 Navarre Louis R, lab. bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 26]

1902 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 73]
1902 Navarre Adam, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 31]
1902 Navarre Andrew, lab, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 33]
1902 Navarre Joseph, bartndr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 19]
1902 Navarre Louis R, lab. bds, h 277 Licking. [Age 27]

1903 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 74]
1903 Navarre Joseph, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 20]
1903 Navarre Louis, lab, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 28]

1904 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 75]
1904 Navarre Ernest, lab, bds 1712 Cutter.
1904 Navarre Joseph, puddler, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 21]
1904 Navarre Louis, handy man Craig Ship Bld. Co, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 29]

1905 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 76]
1905 Navarre Joseph, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 22]

1906 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 77]
1906 Navarre Joseph, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 23]

1907 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 78]

1908 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 79]

1909 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 80]
1909 Navarre Adam, lineman, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 38]

1910 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 81]
1910 Navarre Edward, lab. bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 30]
1910 Navarre Louis, lab. bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 35]
1910 Navarre Paul E, lab, bds 1712 Cutter.

1911 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter.[Age 82]
1911 Navarre Adam, carp, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 40]
1911 Navarre Andrew, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 42]

1912 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 83]
1912 Navarre Andrew, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 43]

1913 Navarre Robert R, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 84]
1913 Navarre Adam, lab, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 42]
1913 Navarre Andrew, ironwkr, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 44]

1914 Navarre Robert R, not listed. [d. Jan. 7, 1914]
1914 Navarre Andrew, lumberman, bds 1712 Cutter. [Age 45]

1915 Navarre Andrew, lumberman, h 1712 Cutter. [Age 46]

1916 Navarre Andw, lumberman, h1712 Cutter. [Age 47]
1916 Navarre Elmer L, hlpr, r1712 Cutter.

1917 Navarre Andw, lab, h148 Droege.
1917 Navarre Elmer L, hlpr, r148 Droege.


U.S. Census Office 10th Census, 1880; OH roll 1044, #4366703.

Oregon Township, Lucas Co., OH

Page 173A; Dwelling 270; Family 270

Name R
Rel. S
Occup. Birth Father Mother
Navarre  Robert w m 51   m farmer OH MICH MICH
Maria w f 41 wife m keeping house MICH MICH MICH
William w m 17 son s farmhand OH OH OH
Julie w f 15 dau s housework OH OH OH
Ellen w f 13 dau s at school OH OH OH
Andrew w m 11 son s at school OH OH OH
Adam w m   9 son s at school OH OH OH
Emma w f   8 dau s at school OH OH OH
Mary w f   7 dau s at school OH OH OH
Louis w m   5 son s at school OH OH OH
Delia w f   2 dau s   OH OH OH
Pall w m 4/12 son s   OH OH OH