Reuben Cory Letter

This letter was included in the pension file of Reuben Cory's mother. She used the letter as evidence that her son Reuben was her sole means of support. Comments in italics are from Susan Lindquist. Asterisks denote text that is illegible on the copy provided by the National Archives.

This letter is courtesy of Reuben's Descendant: Susan Lindquist

Camp Near Kelly's Ford

December 12, 1863




I today take this pen in hand to answer your kind letter which I recieved Dec 4th it found me well as usual. I was happy to hear that you was all so well also mother. I got a letter from Eliza (his sister, Elizabeth Jane Pardington, nee Cory) she was well. Also one from Father Horner they were all well. Cordelia were are now in winter quarters. We halve got us up good snug little shanties. Sop they are comfortable ours is large enough for 4 to live in. We build them up about 5 & 6 ft high then put on our shelter tent which forms a pretty good roof. Some of the boys halven't got theirs quite done but the most halves. We halve a nice little fireplace so it keeps it warm and nice here to rite. I halve got to go in the woods and get a plank **** to sit on. We rallyed on some old mills and barns and got some boards to fix up a table **** my chairs here. But oh, straw I can get in a long a **** so I think I shant send for any. But I am going to see if my friends cant send me some butter and dried fruit. I think among so many they mite send a small box. Eliza said she was going to send me some so I shal look for a box from hurs Father I think will send one. I would like some thing for Christmas an newyears. Dont you think they aught to send some such thing. I durst not write to Aunt Liza (not sure who he is referring to to, an in-law of one of his own aunts - we have several Elizabeths to choose from) nor the folks up in that street for I halve written to them and they cant write to me. & they mite be offendid at me if I should say anything to them although I would like some of their hunney for to eat this winter. I cant see why they dont write I dont know that I have done anything to offend them. I halvent had a letter from the Braces in 2 or 3 months. Whe they used to rite quite often may the Lord forgive me if I halve done any thing to offend them in the least.


Oh I am glad that mother keeps so well and you said if I would send her enough money to get a barrel of flour she would get along. Wal I will send her some next payday that will be about one month from now. Wesley Tinkham ows me 2 dollars. I rote a letter to him today to tell hi father to hand the 2 dollars to mother. I think he will if he does you can tell hur I will send hur another barril of flour. What is flower worth thare this winter give my love to mother and all the rest of my inquiring friends give my respects to Tinkhams folks also those above uncle John Vinings & so on up the street. We halve bin on a 8 day march since I rite to you before. Had a little firing on out regt too 7 men & 3 horses prisoners/ had 2 men slitely wounded lost none. We found the reebs in a string posish We attacked them but they wouldt fite much. I suppose they were waiting for us to *** a little closer but we retreated back. Our attacking them I suppose was to draw old Lees attention so he wouldn't reinforce old Brag in the south west. We had a pretty hard march but it is all over now. Wal I shant rite much more this time so please excuse me this time. Write soon my love to all, so good bye.

Respectfully yours,

Cordelia & Peter Cheney

Reubin Cory

Dont forget to write my love to ****



Giles here is a little piece of stone that has specks of gold in which i got on the last march at ****ville Va whare they had sifted the gold from the sand but the old mill was spoilt so I scraped around & found some peaces to send home. Thare was a gold mill not a great ways from thare. We stoped long enough to make coffee there at that place.

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