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Ernest Newman Stanton Ernest Newman Stanton (9 Oct 1915) passport application
   born: 26 May 1892, Gross Isle, MI
   died: 18 Sep 1984, Gross Isle, MI
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd
Kenneth Taylor White Kenneth Taylor White (9 Oct 1915) passport application
   born: 02 Aug 1895, New Scotland, Slingerlands, NY
   died: 03 Nov 1969, Gross Isle, MI
   marr: Madeline Macomb Stanton (12 Aug 1918)
Henry Francis Stanton Henry Francis Stanton (13 Mar 1920) passport application
   born: 07 Feb 1894, Detroit, Wayne, MI
   died: 07 Dec 1953, Elizabeth City, NC
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd

Temporary placement of non-Stantons
Lewis Cass Ledyard Lewis Cass Ledyard (5 Jun 1921) passport application
   born: 04 Apr 1851, Detroit, Wayne, MI
   married: 06 Jun 1906, Frances Isabel “Isabel” Morris
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd
Frances Isabel Morris Frances Isabel “Isabel” Morris (11 Apr 1921) passport application
   born: 31 May 1862, Wilmington, DE
   married: 06 Jun 1906, Lewis Cass Ledyard
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd
Brig. Gen. Montgomery Meigs Macomb Gen. Montgomery Meigs Macomb (1 Oct 1920) passport application
   born: 12 Oct 1852, Detroit, Wayne, MI
   died: 19 Jan 1924, Washington, DC
   submitted: by Marshall Davies Lloyd

Applications With No Photograph
NameDate of BirthBirth LocationDate IssuedResidenceOthers
Alex[ander] S[aranac] Macomb

4 May 1841
Wife: [Susan Watts Kearney]
Maj. Alexander S[aranac] Macomb2 Jun 1816 Village of Belleville, NJ21 Jun 1873 NYCServant: Alexandre Martin age 30
(Col. ret.) Augustus C[anfield] Macomb17 Oct 1854 Detroit, MI15 Jun 1922 Washington, DCWife: [Ella Chelle McKelden]
John N[avarre] Macomb Jr. [4th]24 Jan 1877 Branchport, [Yates], NY18 May 1910 Chicago, ILWife: [Pauline] Leonie Lentilhon
Note: elsewhere we have A. S. Macomb (03 Jun 1814-08 May 1876) in disagreement with the passport date.