The QBullet Legend shows the meaning of every QBullet. You can modify this page to create your own legend page, or you can simply link to the Matterform Media legend page (see instructions). QBullets are to be placed after the link they annotate, except for , & , which can be placed anywhere. Read the Usage Instructions for more info.

Navigational Cues

OutLink Links to a different Web site
Scroll Up Links to another place further up on the same page
Scroll Down Links to another place further down on the same page

Multimedia Cues

Picture Links to a standalone image or a page dominated by a large graphic
Sound Downloads and plays a digital sound file
Movie Downloads and plays a movie file
Virtual Reality 3D movie glasses connect you to a VRML site or QTVR file

Page Type Cues

Fill-Out Form Links to a page with an interactive fill-out form
Email Link Pops up a standard mailto: email dialog box
Search Links to a search page
Secure Page Links to a secured or password-protected page
List Links to a page that is entirely composed of links to other pages
Note Links to a short, explanatory page that contains no further links
Help Links to helpful instructions or information

Net Services Cues

Downloadable File Links to an FTP archive and begins to download a file to your disk drive
FTP Directory Links to an FTP directory from which you can select a file to download
Telnet Links to a Telnet site
News Links to a News site
Text Only Links to unformatted plain text, such as a Gopher site

Other Markers

New Marker
Updated Marker
Smiley replacement. For the especially nostalgic,
a sideways smiley is also included. :-)