QBullet Usage · There are basically three rules we want you to follow when using QBullets on your site:

  1. Don't modify them.

  2. Use them for the meanings given on the Legend page.

  3. Always place QBullets after the link they annotate.
Also, you need to give credit to Matterform Media and send us your URL so we can give you a link.

Got a problem with that?

Other Recommendations · It's best to place the QBullet inside the hypertext link (i.e., before the </a> tag), so that the user can click either the text or the QBullet with identical results. When you do this, be sure to set the border parameter to 0.

When QBullets are placed next to standard 12 point text, it works best if you set the alignment to top. You should also include the height and width parameters so that your page will display more quickly.

Following these guidelines, the HTML Code for:

send mail

would look like this:

<a href="mailto:design@matterform.com">send mail<img align=top border=0 width=14 height=10 src="mailto.gif"></a>

Generally, you don't want to put any space between the text and the QBullet. If it looks like a QBullet is too close to the last letter of the link, you can add a pixel of breathing room by inserting hspace=1 into the QBullet's <img> tag.