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Marshall Davies Lloyd
Marshall is a third generation Latin teacher. Both his parents taught Latin to all-female student bodies---his father as a professor of Classics at Randolph-Macon Woman's College and his mother as Latin teacher and Dean of Studies at Seven Hills School in Lynchburg, Virginia. From the time he was a child, Marshall traveled with his parents to Italy, visiting classical sites and museums. Now he enjoys sharing the Classics with a new generation of young women.
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Division Head: Arts and Foreign Languages Division
Head: Department of Foreign Languages
Latin Teacher
Greek Teacher
Software Coordinator / Faculty Training
Sponsor: National Honor SocietyTM
Computer Task Group
University of Georgia
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M.A.L.S., Mary Washington College, (Liberal Studies), Susan J. Hanna Award, Donald E. Glover Award, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3.9 GPA.

M.A., University of Georgia, (Classics)with distinction; University-wide Scholar, Phi Kappa Phi, 4.0 GPA.

Classics Summer Institute, University of Georgia, 1994 Georgia Classics Summer Institute Teacher Scholarship.

Certification in Latin, Virginia Department of Ed.

Montessori Teacher Training, Summit University under Elisabeth Caspari. Lanello's Quarter, Summit University.

Vergilian Society, 1983 Rome and Cumae Sessions.

B.A., College of William and Mary, (Classical Studies) Accepted, Early Decision; Treasurer: Eta Sigma Phi; Governor's poetry committee; Vice-President and chapter co-founder: Student's International Meditation Society; Member, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Summer Sessions Abroad (1967-68): Italian, Etruscan Civilization, and Art History.

Career Path: Head of Arts and Foreign Languages Division
Head of the Department of Foreign Languages
1997- date Head of Arts and Foreign Language Div.
1996 Italy Trip, "The Ancient City," Casterbridge tours
1995-1998 SMS E-Mail Postmaster,
1994-1995 University of Georgia, Latin TA,
Teacher of Record, Lat 101-102,
Greek Tutor
1991 Italy Trip, Trip sponsor Casterbridge tours
1989-1990 Administrator On Duty
1988-1989 Sponsor, Student Government
1988-1989 Co-Sponsor, Honor Council
1985- date Head of Dept. of Foreign Languages
1984 Italy Trip, Faculty sponsor
1984-1989 Academic Affairs Committee
1984-1989 Headmaster's Advisory Committee
1984-1989 Head of Computer Department
1985-1988 Class Sponsor, Class of 1988
Latin and Computer Teacher,
also: Geometry, Algebra, and ESL
1985-1987 Trip Committee
1985-1987 Handbook Committee
1982-1985 St. Margaret's School: Latin and English
1980-1981 Montessori International: Latin and English
Summit University Press: Italian Editor,
Latin Translator
1979-1980 Monelisson Jr. High: Latin Teacher,
chairman: faculty philosophy committee.

[Perseus Award]
[Odysseus Award]

1999 Susan J. Hanna Award: in recognition for outstanding work in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, Mary Washington College (5/12/99).
Donald E. Glover Award: for an outstanding final project in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program, Mary Washington College (5/12/99).
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: recognizing individual excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service (1/28/99).
1998 Perseus Award: for those who spread information about the classical world over the internet (1/1/98).
Odysseus Award: presented by CyberLatin
for promotion of the Classics on the World Wide Web (2/15/98).
Fanatical Classics Award: presented by the Fanatical Classics Page for bringing new sheep into the Greek and Latin fold (9/22/98).
1997 Steinlein-Shapard Award Nominee: recognizing an outstanding secondary school teacher who has had a significant impact on the life of a R-MWC student.
1995 M.A. with distinction: awarded by thesis committee for excellence in preparation and defense of a thesis. 4.0 overall GPA.
Phi Kappa Phi: National Honor Society recognizing superior scholarship in all academic disciplines, not to exceed 10% of those finishing in the graduate program for the year.
1994 University-Wide Research Assistantship: awarded by UGA on a competitive basis of GRE scores and grade point averages to the top 230 applicants. Nominated by Department of Classics.
1994 Georgia Classics Summer Institute Teacher Scholarship: awarded by the University of
Georgia Department of Classics.
1975 Who's Who in American High Schools.
1974Boy's State delegate (American Legion ): elected to city council, architect of successful campaigns for the Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General.
National Honor Society: recognizing character, scholarship, leadership, and service.
Personal Interests: Enjoys reading, writing, translating, programming, traveling, research, religion, metaphysics, the teachings of the Ascended Masters, philosophy, genealogy, numismatics, music, and playing the recorder.
[Classics Page] Web page: Internet Resources for the Classics
Winner of the Perseus Award 1/1/98,
the Fanatical Classics Award 9/22/98,
and of the Odysseus Award 2/15/98.

E-text.e-text [Macomb, Alexander, Jr.]. Pontiac: or The Siege of Detroit. A Drama, in Three Acts. Boston: Samuel Colman, 1835. (web: 2000).

E-text.e-text Richards, George H. Memoir of Alexander Macomb, the Major General commanding the Army of the United States. New York: M'Elrath, Bangs & Co., 1833. (web: 1999).

E-text.e-text Anthon, Charles Edward. Narrative of the settlement of George Christian Anthon in America and of the Removal of the Family from Detroit, and its Establishment in New York City. New York: Bradstreet Press, April, 1872. (web: 1999).

E-text.e-text Van Dyke, Henry. The Story of the Other Wise Man. (web: 1999).

E-text.e-text Whalen, Laurel Conmee. "Incidents in the Life of James Conmee, 1848-1913." Papers and Records 11 (1983). The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, Inc. (web: 1999).

Navarre Arms:e-text the Navarres of Meaux and New France (web: 1998; Rev. 2000).

M.A.L.S. Project:e-text Polybius and the Founding Fathers: the Separation of Powers (MWC: 1998), with Abstract. Winner of the Donald E. Glover Award (5/12/99).

M.A. Thesis: The Political Context of Cicero's Poetry (UGA: 1995), with Abstract.

Contributor to Wheelock's Latin, 5th edition. Richard A. LaFleur, ed. (Harper: 1995).

Graphic for Hubertus Mandersheid's Die Wasserbewirtschaftung Römischer Thermen: Archäologische und Hydrotechnische Untersuchungen.  Mitteilungen des Leichtweiß-Institut der Technischen Universität Braunschwieg 118 (Braunschwieg: 1994).

Graphics for R. B. Lloyd's "Acrostichis Duplex," Vergilius (1987-1999).

Graphics for R. B. Lloyd's "Three Monumental Gardens on the Marble Plan," American Journal of Archaeology 86 (1982): 91-100.

Translations for Forget Me Not: The True Story of Elisabeth of Austria (Summit U P:1981).

Graphics for R. B. Lloyd's "The Aqua Virgo, Euripus and Pons Agrippae," American Journal of Archaeology 83 (1979): 193-204.

Over 40 titles in software for the Classics (DOS, Windows, and Apple II platforms).

Family: Marshall and his wife, Lucia Kendall Lloyd, met at St. Margaret's School in 1994. They were married on June 29, 1996 in Pittsburgh, Pa. They originally lived on campus in the Mitchell House with their daughter Kendall and Lucia's two cats Honey and Sugar. On July 27, 2000, they moved into the Gawen House.
Notable Quotes: "Where we are is a product of how we got here. By understanding our past, we best prepare for our future. In the age of information, it is proving even more important for students to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions from what they read. There is no better place to learn to read critically than in the Classics."
Email contact: mlloyd@sms-va.com
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