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Rose Emma Faneuff Mrs. Maxime Fanneuf and dau. Rose
   (H)Ermine (Beaugrand dit Champagne).
   submitted: by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
Walbridge Faneuff/Scott Gathering, 1907. index
   at Ed & Olive (Faneuff) Scott's House
   Walbridge, Ohio 1907
   Photo collection of Alberta (Menne) Coons
Maxime Faneuff Maxime Faneuff, abt. 1908. tree
   at Menne Home
   Walbridge, Ohio 1907
   Photo collection of Alberta (Menne) Coons
Henry Joseph Faneuff Henry Joseph Faneuff, Sr.
   born: 28 Jun 1876, Tilbury, Ont.
   died: 08 Sep 1966, Toledo, OH