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Photo Album William Navarre (1863-1945) tree
   born: August 18, 1863 Momineetown, Ohio.
   died: October 16, 1945 Toledo, OH
Rose Emma Faneuff Photoalbum Rose Emma (Faneuff) Navarre. tree
   born: Dec 30 1866 Tilbury Center, Ont.
   died: July 15, 1935 Toledo, Oh
Aunt Ceil and Uncle Henry Mr. and Mrs. Henry Menne (m. Apr 19, 1906)
   Henry May 28, 1885-Dec 1945
   Cecelia Rose (Navarre) 25 Oct 1887-31 Oct, 1956
   submitted: by Barbara (Coons) Rossington
stoop Back stoop, 280 Dearborn (Summer 1928)Back Stoop
   L-R: Celia (Navarre) Menne, R.B. Lloyd
   June Marie Lloyd, and Rose E. (Faneuff) Navarre
   submitted: by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
Walbridge Faneuff Gathering, 1907. index
   at Edwin and Olive (Faneuff) Sott's House
   Walbridge, Ohio 1907
   Photo collection of Alberta (Menne) Coons
Walbridge Four Generations
   L-R: 1 Alberta Menne, dau. of 2 Cecelia (Navarre) Menne,
   Gdau of 3 Maxime Faneuff (obit), father of 4 Rose Emma Navarre.
   from: Alberta's dau. Barbara (Coons) Rossington.
Menne Family Cecelia Rose (Navarre) Menne and Menne Family
   Aunt Ceil standing over seated father-in-law
   Her daughter (Alberta) stands to his right.movie of Alberta
   submitted: by Barbara (Coons) Rossington.
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 1929 at William Navarre's
   1530 Mott Ave., Toledo, Oh.
   submitted: by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Sr.
Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre.Llewellyn Lloyd Navarre tree
   born: 18 Aug 1899 Toledo, Oh.
   died: 20 Feb 1975 Oregon Twp., Lucas Co., Oh
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.

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