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Eddie Edward Paul Navarre (1880-1956)Eddieoriginal
   born: 11 Feb 1880, Bono, OHfamily tree
   died: 2 Mar 1956, Toledo, OH
   Submitted by: Sally Marie (Wiser) Cousino
Zoe Zoé Mary Momenee (1881-1948)Eddieoriginal
   born: 20 Jan 1881 Momeneetown, Ohiofamily tree
   died: 23 Mar 1948, St. Vincent's Hospital, Toledo, OH
   Submitted by: Sally Marie (Wiser) Cousino
Wedding Edward & Zoé's Wedding (m. 1 Oct 1902)Weddingdetail
   Edward Paul Navarre (11 Feb 1880-2 Mar 1956)family tree
   Zoé Mary Mominee (20 Jan 1881-23 Mar 1948)family tree
   Submitted by: Matt Przysiecki
Ada Edward Navarre & dau. AdaMrs. Fred I. Goetz
   Ada Marie Navarre (3 Jul 1909 - 26 Jan 1990)family tree
   Mrs. Fred Ignatius Goetz
   Submitted by: Matt Przysiecki
Goetz siblings Children of Fred & Ada (Navarre) GoetzGoetz siblings
   L-R: Donald Joseph Goetz,family tree Joanne Elizabeth (Goetz) Przysiecki,family tree
   and Edward Joseph Goetzfamily tree
   Submitted by: Matt Przysiecki
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spring Fred & Annie SpringMr. and Mrs. Fred Spring
   Laurens Fred ("Fred") Spring (28 Feb 1910 - 28 Oct 1999)family tree
   Annie Laurie (Navarre) Spring (19 Jul 1913 - 27 Jul 1988)family tree
   Submitted by: Matt Przysiecki
1893 Momeneetown 1893 Momeneetown Schoole-text
   "Class of 1893 to Assist in Momeneetown Reunion"
   Saturday, April 10, [prob. 1943]
   Submitted by: Mary Ellen Schreiter
1921 Momeneetown Momeneetown? (abt. 1921)Navarre Family
   Edward and Zoe (Momenee) Navarre
   Ada and Annie Laurie and Maria Archangele Navarre
   Submitted by: Sally Wiser Cousino
Dayna Betz Przysiecki Dayna Betz Przysiecki (2000)Dayna Betz Przysiecki
   No. 16 Outfield, softball team 2000family tree
   Freshman year Bluffon College
   Submitted by: Marshall Davies Lloyd

Marshall Davies Lloyd